Mum sparks debate after admitting to taking her teenager's phone nightly 5 years ago

Mum sparks debate after admitting to taking her teenager's phone nightly

A mum has come under fire after she admitted to taking her teenage daughter's phone in an attempt to limit her screen time.

The Mumsnet user revealed that she confiscates the 17-year-old's phone every night at 9.30pm - including weekends and on holidays - and shuts down the WiFi, for good measure.

The mum said that the same rules apply for her two sons, ages 16 and 12, and have been in place "for the past few years".

But after taking her daughter's phone resulted in "constant arguments" and a change in the teenager's attitude, she asked her fellow parents if she was being "too strict".

Many people began to brand her methods "draconian" and accuse her of not trusting her daughter, who is due to start university in the fall.

One person said:

"Yes. She will be an adult soon and you are treating her like a small child."

Another commented:


"Yes. I cannot imagine my mum trying to pull that with me at 17.

"But then I didn’t live at home and I worked so I suppose it was different.

"But seriously do you intend on letting her grow up ? Because if she can’t work out when to go to sleep at 17 she’s not going to be able to is she ?

"I actually can’t belive you do it on holidays and on weekends too. She can’t even watch a film in bed until 10 - that’s crazy."

Someone else added:

"Wow. That's some draconian mothering youre doing there."

And while many were quick to condemn her rule, other Mumsnet users praised the woman's parenting method.

A different mum wrote:

"Hopefully this is teaching her good habits."