Mum sparks debate for saying her daughter is 'too young' to have a baby 5 years ago

Mum sparks debate for saying her daughter is 'too young' to have a baby

A mum sparked debate after saying she was "disappointed" to find out her 24-year-old daughter wanted to try to have a baby.

The Mumsnet user posted that she felt her daughter was "too young" and it would be a "huge waste" of her younger years.

She began the post by explaining that her daughter is tying the knot with her fiancé, 33, in September this year.

When the mother-daughter duo were discussing the upcoming nuptials, the young woman told her mum that she and her fiancé are excited to have a baby - and that she hopes to fall pregnant shortly after their marriage.

Her post continued:

"I have to admit I do feel a little disappointed. DD is only 24 and it seems such a young age to be intentionally trying for a baby.

"Her DF is quite a bit older (33) and I wonder this could be the cause of the sudden urgency.

"They’re a lovely couple, been together for 4 years, own a home together and have well paid technically there is nothing wrong with it.

"I just feel it’s a huge waste of her younger years when she has plenty of time to think about having children.

"I don’t want to upset her, but I also can’t help but want to give her my opinion. AIBU? Hearing your opinions and personal experiences would really help here!"

While some forum users acknowledged that they could see where the mum was coming from, the majority of the people were quick to point out it was "none of her business".

One person commented:

"I get where you're coming from (and I'd feel the same) but ultimately she's an adult in a stable long-term relationship and it's her decision alone."


Someone else added:

"24 is young, but not extremely young. They sound like they're in the ideal position to start trying for a baby. What would you have her do instead?

I had my baby just a couple of years older than her and couldn't be happier."

Another person wrote:

"It’s none of your business. If she wants kids now and they’re in a good position to support one, butt out. There’s no way that conversation ends happily."

A different forum user pointed out:

"So shes 24 now, will be 25-ish when she gets married and then wants to start trying so would be nearly 26 by the time the baby comes? Doesnt sound that young really ..."