Mums discuss: Do you buy your other half a Christmas present? 4 years ago

Mums discuss: Do you buy your other half a Christmas present?

It's all personal choice, really.

On the lead up to Christmas, it's safe to say that it can be a bit hectic.

Between planning dinner, buying presents for the little ones, organising the house and decorations... it's a busy time of year.

But then pops the question... do you buy a present for your other half?

Mothers discussed the question on Mumsnet, and it had very mixed opinions.

"Me and my partner don't really buy one another Xmas or birthday presents, and haven't done for many years. It's not that we don't like each other, but more that we wouldn't know what to buy, that it would feel like a little bit of a waste of money, and that we have joint finances anyway!"

- Zippyzoppy


"We buy. It’s a nice opportunity to treat your partner to luxuries they wouldn’t buy for themselves. But each to their own - couples can decide what’s best for them about this stuff."


- Blachedupetitpois


"DH and I don’t bother for Christmas. But we still get each other a small birthday present. It’s usually something that we’ve pre-chosen ourselves though so no surprises. Just seems pointless most of the time, like buying stuff for buying sake."

- Ilovehamabeads


"We never do. We have joint finances and would rather go out for a meal or a trip. I can buy my own stuff, so can he."

- Teamspirit


"We're doing a £10 limit, no food or drink allowed, this year and it's been much more fun trying to think of good little things rather than just getting the usual whisky, aftershave etc. I might change my mind when I see what he's come up with though!"

- Soiree

What do you do? Do you still buy your other half a gift?