No children allowed! An 'adults only café' is opening in Tipperary 4 years ago

No children allowed! An 'adults only café' is opening in Tipperary

This will not go down well with a lot of parents, but the owner is sticking to his guns over his 'adults only café'.

An adults only café is to open in Birdhill, County Tipperary before the summer.

Alan Andrews, the owner of the Old Barracks Coffee Roastery, has revealed that children will not be allowed on to the premises as he looks to create a space where adults can enjoy coffee away from the responsibilities of parenthood.

Writing on the company's Instagram page, Alan stated: "In order to ensure the space and customers are respected I am strongly considering an adults only policy / no kids zone."

"While this will most likely annoy some people I really believe this is crucial to respect the environment we create and the customers who will come for the experience," he said.


The Roastery is being billed as a place where people can learn about the process of brewing coffee or just, simply, sit down and relax.

"In the roastery space we are going to create a café where you can come an have a coffee experience and learn at the same time - you will be able to brew your own coffee, learn about the roasting, watch coffee roasting, take part in tastings and much more," he adds.

Alan - who has children himself - also posted a video to Instagram (above) where he further explained his vision of a child-free café.