Prince George and Princess Charlotte won't get most Christmas gifts 3 years ago

Prince George and Princess Charlotte won't get most Christmas gifts

The royal family has a lot of money.

This is no secret.

From designer looks to Prince William's motorbike collection, there's no doubt that the royals probably splash out for a special occasion or two.

And you'd think that Christmas wouldn't be an exception to this rule either.

You'd imagine that the royal children would get some extra special (and expensive) gifts from Santa.

But apparently, that's not the case.

According to US Weekly, Prince George and Princess Charlotte will only receive a select few gifts from Santa this Christmas.

A source told the publication that Kate and Will don't want to "overindulge" their children and that them getting tonnes and tonnes of presents is their "worst nightmare."

They said:


"Receiving that many gifts wouldn’t have a good effect on the kids. It's their worst nightmare.

"For them, it's about coming together and enjoying the holiday."

And seeing as Kate and Will won't be buying their children an abundance of gifts for this reason, it only makes sense then that presents sent from other people are dealt with accordingly too.

Understandably, the prince and princess receive a lot of gifts from strangers across the globe in the run-up to Christmas.

A lot of these gifts are then sent to children who need them more in certain organisations or toy banks in the UK.

Kensington Palace recently told the Daily Mail: 

"Some items will be taken into the home and others stored within the royal household.

"On occasion, and where appropriate, items may be donated to organisations who can make good use of them.

"Their Royal Highnesses are incredibly grateful for the warmth and generosity that has been extended to their children from members of the public."