This is the reason why we haven't seen much of Prince Louis in a year 4 months ago

This is the reason why we haven't seen much of Prince Louis in a year

It makes a lot of sense.

As much as we'd like to think that being a princess would be great and all, imagine having every single part of your life critiqued?

No matter what you wear, if you smile, who you hang around with... all eyes are on you and you can't really escape it.

That's why we're not surprised to hear the reason why Kate and William are keeping their children out of the spotlight.

We've seen a lot of Prince George and Princess Charlotte over the years, and they absolutely melt us any time they're in front of the camera, but after new pictures were released of Prince Louis to celebrate his first birthday yesterday, fans began to question why we haven't seen much of him all year.

Well, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge want their kids to live as normal of a life as possible before being thrown into the public eye.

"William and Kate very much prioritize bringing up the children in as normal an environment as possible over anything else," a royal insider told Us Weekly. "They haven't lost sight of that."

So while we'll no doubt see them at big family occasions and royal engagements, we probably won't be seeing them live their normal day to day lives like we did when Harry and William were growing up.