Sarah Michelle Gellar says her daughter is her twin but her husband disagrees 1 month ago

Sarah Michelle Gellar says her daughter is her twin but her husband disagrees

A conversation I've had in my own home.

I find that one of the first things that people start to say to you after you have your baby is how much they look like their mother or their father.

In fact I have it on good authority that my grandmother was barely in the hospital ward when she started shouting about how much I looked like my dad.

With my own children people tend to think that my son is the image of his dad but I'll be honest, a lot of the time I don't see it. Apart from a similar hair colour they look very different.

On the other hand everyone keeps telling me how my daughter is my absolute twin and that her daddy didn't get a look in but I actually think she has a lot of him in her face, much more than her brother does.

It's strange how sometimes we see different parts of our partners or even ourselves in our children and this is exactly what Sarah Michelle Gellar and her husband Freddie Prinze Jr recently revealed they often disagree on.

Speaking with Us Weekly Gellar admitted that she thinks her daughter Charlotte is exactly like her but her husband Freddie chimed in that he thinks it's quite the opposite;

"We just usually disagree. She thinks Charlotte looks just like her. I think Charlotte looks just like me.

She thinks Rocky looks just like me. I think Rocky looks just like her."

Both Gellar and Prinze Jr are well known for keeping their children out of the spotlight so it's hard to say for certain but from the couple of occasions that the couple have allowed photos of Charlotte and Rocky I honestly think they're a mix of both of their parents.

If I can agree with Gellar on anything it's that Charlotte definitely has her smile and does look quite like her in child actor days when she still had dark hair, but she does also have a good chunk of her dad in their too.