Do you suffer from mum guilt and if so, how do you get over it? 3 months ago

Do you suffer from mum guilt and if so, how do you get over it?

This mum needs advice.

From time to time, we all suffer from a little bit of mum guilt and it can feel truly horrible. However, this mum is asking for advice as she feels like a "terrible person" for leaving her two kids in a nursery.

She took to Mumsnet and wrote:

"I've just dropped my baby off for his final settling in session at nursery. He is 10 months. His big brother (3) is at nursery all day today too.

"I'm back at work next week following mat leave and both of them will be in 7.30am till 5pm 4 days a week. I feel like a bloody terrible person. I can't stop crying. I regret not doing more on my maternity leave. I regret choosing to clean my house some days over cuddling my babies.

"I regret the days when I've been so tired I have just shouted all day. My boys are the most gorgeous lovely little things and the thought of leaving them in nursery all that time is absolutely tearing me apart."

Many mothers replied to the post saying that while it will be difficult, she will get over it.

"They will be okay. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy- it absolutely isn’t. But you’ll be fine, they’ll be fine and you’ll enjoy the days you are at home"

While another said it's totally normal.

"I remember feeling just like this 23 years ago when I was returning to work after having DD1. I think it is natural to feel that way, and it doesn't make you an awful parent. Quite the opposite, in fact."

What would your advice be?