We love our fur babies! 8 Christmas gifts for your pet (with prices from €3.50) 4 years ago

We love our fur babies! 8 Christmas gifts for your pet (with prices from €3.50)

Brought to you by Equipet.

Let’s be honest, our fur-children are worthy of Christmas gifts too!

We mean, babies - whether human or fur - love to be appreciated, pampered, and made feel super special (just think of those big smiles and waggy tails come Christmas morning!).

Yup, our pets really are part of the family.

Well, marvellous news, because Equipet opened their brand-new store in Tallaght last Friday, right on time for Christmas!

Not only will we find EVERYTHING our pets desire, but also plenty of trendy outdoor and activity wear to add to our very own wardrobe too. And don't forget, you could nab it all with a whopping win of €500 to spend at Equipet too!

So if you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your animal pals, here are just some of the most adorable and useful of items to add to Santa's list...

1. Tennis Balls, €5.50


Because there’s nothing more fun and exhilarating than a tennis ball! Keep it simple for those retrieving pooches for just over five euro and expect hours of excitement and exercise too.

2. Good Boy Selection Box, €8

You know they've been a good boy, or girl, so what better Yuletide gift than a scrumptious selection box full of treats?! They'll have plenty of fun ripping it open too!

3. Pawise Squeeky Bone, €7

Because sometimes, a toy without a squeak just isn’t so thrilling. These colourful bones are also made from durable and non-toxic Thermo Plastic Rubber.

4. Mighty Mutts Ball with Rope (mini), €9


Those teeth and jaws have a natural urge to remain strong and energised. Our doggies love to chew, and that’s why this toy is super durable, surviving through every nibble and each bite. Should the fur-monsters manage to chew off some rope, it’s totally harmless for their digestive system.

5. Pawise Assorted Cat Toys, €3.50

The puuurfect gift for your kitty-cat this Christmas. Those natural hunting instincts adore having little toys to search for and chase. With mini rolling and squishy ball toys, plus a little mouse, your feline is sure to have a perfect Christmas morning.

6. Rosewood Snowflake Snuggle Cat Bed, €25

This winter themed igloo-style bed is the ideal sleeping place for your meowing pal. They’re sure to feel very cosy and secure in this gorgeous, soft-cushioned bed. It’s machine washable too!


7. Maze-A-Log Treat Challenge, €10.

This fine feeding-trough is perfect for hamsters, rabbits, mice, pet rats, guinea pigs and even ferrets - all the little guys you might say. Simply pop in various kinds of food and believe us, those cute little noses are sure to find their absolute favourite treat first! Great entertainment for the pets and the kids that take care of them.

8. James Well Beloved Cracker Jacks, €4.50

Who doesn’t love treats?! Your pooch certainly will. Those eyes are sure to light up when they get the sniff of these hypo-allergenic, yummy natural goods under the tree. They're filled with vitamins and minerals, and have no added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Yum!

And don’t forget the most cherished gift of all for fur-friends is the great outdoors, whether that be a trip up the mountains, a scurry through the fields or an elegant stroll in the park. Best bring their Christmas toys too!

Brought to you by Equipet