We can ALL relate to Stacey Solomon's latest photo with her two boys 3 years ago

We can ALL relate to Stacey Solomon's latest photo with her two boys

We get it.

Some kids love photos. Some absolutely hate them and will do just about anything in their power to not get in one.

And if they do get in one, they're crying, pulling a face, shouting or doing just about anything in between.

That's why every mum can relate to Stacey Solomon's photo drama.


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In a photo with her two boys, looking very idyllic and lovely, Stacey wrote: "Sunsets and silliness. When you look pretty calm and happy, but the truth is [you] had to grab your babies and put them into an armlock to get this picture.


"It’s one of about a thousand! Is anyone else’ kids totally OVER photos? I just wanted a sunset holiday memory picture and it became a WWE sequence... to rub salt into the wound I just looked at my sisters sunset pic with her two daughters and it’s AMAZING."

Yes, yes, yes, we totally get this one. And so did Stacey's followers.

One wrote: "This is me I have two sons age 4 and 20 months tried this one in Mallorca "sunset views" and all that we wasn't topsy and Tim anyways."

And another said: "Gorgeous photo of you and your lovely boys, mine are exactly the same only cuddle/miss me occasionally in private! Boys will be boys."

Do you get this too with your kids?