'Wonky' the unicorn rabbit is looking for a forever home in the UK 2 years ago

'Wonky' the unicorn rabbit is looking for a forever home in the UK



There's a rabbit in the UK with a wonky ear who's looking for his forever home, and yes, he is the best boy.

The bun - aptly called 'Wonky' - is currently residing at the RSPCA Milton Keyes, awaiting for a nice human being to come along and take him home.

The lop eared lad had got a wonky ear that flops over the front of his face, oftentimes sticking right up in the air - making him look a bit like a unicorn.

Or, indeed, a rabbit with a defective ear. Whichever suits.

"He has beautiful big blue eyes and is a larger rabbit (over 3kg)," reads Wonky's bio (yes, his bio) on the RSPCA website.


"He loves attention and will happily sit with you while you fuss him. Wonky is four years old and will need a large, secure housing set up or an indoor home where he can stretch out."

Adorable, all of it.

So if you happen to be residing in or around the Milton Keyes area this festive season, set aside 40 quid, head on down there, and adopt yourself a lovely little Wonky.

He deserves love, just like the rest of the rabbits.

You can find out more about Wonky and the rest of the RSPCA's rabbits here. 

Images via RSPCA Milton Keynes & N. Bucks Branch Facebook.