4 surprising foods your lactose intolerant child can still eat 3 years ago

4 surprising foods your lactose intolerant child can still eat

Brought to you by Avonmore Lactose Free milk. 

Unsure which foods to buy your child with lactose intolerance?

That's okay. Lactose intolerance can be a bit of a confusing one to get your head around - it's not an allergy so there's not really a straightforward can-and-cannot-eat list.

Lactose intolerance is often confused with a dairy allergy so it's really important to understand the difference. A dairy allergy occurs when your immune system overreacts to the protein found in cow's milk and can result in a serious allergic reaction. In this case, you would have to cut all dairy out of your child's diet.

Lactose intolerance occurs when you are unable to digest lactose, the naturally-occurring sugar found in milk. While it can result in some unpleasant symptoms such as bloating, nausea, wind and diarrhoea, it is not dangerous.

Except in very rare cases, typically with lactose intolerance you don't have to cut all dairy out of your child's diet. Most people can still digest a certain amount of lactose so it's a case of figuring out what your child can tolerate.

Here's a list of foods that you don't have to cut out of your child's diet if they are lactose intolerant (and a few may very well surprise you).



Yes, you read right. And we don't mean milk alternatives.

The key is to make sure to pick up a lactose-free milk. Our favourite is Avonmore Lactose Free milk - it's made with regular cow's milk and tastes exactly the same too (even to the pickiest little taste buds), but the lactose has been broken down so your little one won't experience those uncomfortable symptoms. It has all the same nutritional value as regular milk too and you can use it in the same way you would any other milk - add it to cereal, dip biscuits in it, or just drink it by itself (yum!).


Yes, cheese (we're just full of surprises today). Here's the catch though - it has to be naturally aged cheese such as cheddar, Swiss, or Parmesan which have been aged long enough that the lactose has actually broken down, leaving the cheese with very low levels of lactose. So why not try and put those cheese sandwiches back on the menu!


We bet you thought this was off the menu. Well, not quite.


If your little one is a yogurt fan, the good news is that yoghurt is more easily digested than other dairy sources of lactose. This is because the bacteria used to produce them helps break down the lactose, reducing the unpleasant symptoms.

Frozen banana "ice-cream"

You guessed it - not the normal kind. Unfortunately ice-cream is a no-go for most lactose intolerant kiddos. However, there's an alternative to this that is both A-okay for your little one AND it's a whole lot healthier than the original. All you have to do is freeze some bananas (make sure you peel them before freezing), then blend the frozen bananas in a blender (allow at least two bananas per batch). For the most basic 'ice cream', that's it, that's all you have to do.

If you feel like mixing it up a bit though, you could add some vanilla essence or peanut butter or some cocoa powder - whatever you want! If your banana 'ice cream' is a bit too thick, just add a little of the Avonmore Lactose Free to make it creamier. Trust us, this cold dessert is a family favourite. Top tip: make sure your bananas are ripe before you freeze them. The riper the better.

See? Having a lactose intolerant child in the house doesn't mean you have to completely change your shopping list. And most of the changes you DO have to make are so small that the entire family could make them too.

One thing you can be sure of is that your child doesn't have to suffer nutrition-wise or taste-wise. They can enjoy a wide range of meals and treats while keeping their tummy happy.

Brought to you by Avonmore Lactose Free milk

If you or your child loves milk but are lactose intolerant, here's some very good news. Avonmore Lactose Free milk has all the taste and nutritional benefits you would expect from Avonmore, just without the lactose. Yes you can, with Avonmore Lactose Free milk. Avonmore Lactose Free milk is a low fat milk so is recommended for children aged 2+ (as with all low fat milk). Please visit your GP for a medical diagnosis if you think your child might be lactose intolerant.