5 delicious freezable dinners to bring a new mum when you visit
Forget about babygros and cutesy hats; this is what she'll love you for

Arriving home from hospital with a new baby is exciting.

And nerve-wracking. And full-on. And pretty much all-consuming – at least for the first couple of weeks.

Everything else takes a backseat – as it should.

Which means, when you go to visit a new mum, apart from bringing a card and something for the baby, more importantly, you should be bringing along something to make the new mama's day a little easier.

Food is the perfect choice – because, trust me, the last thing a new mum wants to be worrying about is what to cook for dinner right now.

Help her out by bringing over a few healthy meals to stack in her freezer – ready for her to defrost and enjoy whenever hunger strikes (like at 4 am when she is up feeding the baby – again.)

Here are 5 delicious, freezable dinners any new mama will love:

1. Mini Quiches


These filling and yummy mini quiches are so quick to throw together, and perfect for a new mum to have a stash of in her freezer, as she can simply pop one out and defrost for a quick meal whenever she gets hungry (and has no free hands to cook an actual meal from scratch).

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2. Quick Chili

This hearty chili is easy to make and even easier to reheat. Simply put the container in some hot water to thaw and throw in the microwave for a quick, hot meal.

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3. Chicken, bacon and Leek Cottage Pie

Few things are as comforting as pie, and if there is anything a new mama needs, it is a healthy, wholesome and comforting meal at the end of the day. Make her this pie, and she will love you forever.

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4. Vegetable Lasagne

Filling, nutritious and delicious, you cannot go wrong with a vegetable lasagne when it comes to putting a smile on a new mum's face.

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5. Slow-Cooker Moroccan Harira Soup

This soup is so full of goodness and flavour, it will be a savour for any new mama on days when she cannot get a minute to cook anything to feed herself.

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