5 perfect cooking tools for kids you need to have in your kitchen 1 year ago

5 perfect cooking tools for kids you need to have in your kitchen

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They'll be mini chefs in no time.

Sometimes it can be near impossible to get your kids to help around the kitchen, while other times they are dying to help but they just don't have the right tools for it. You can let them stir the bowl add in some ingredients, but that's about it.

That needn't be the case though. There are so many cooking tools out there aimed specifically at those little future chefs. These tools will help your kids get involved in every part of the cooking, not just the basics.

According to a study by RED C Research, 95 percent of parents believe cooking is an important life skill for a child to learn. Parents also believe that learning to cook will teach kids about what they are putting in their bodies and will help them form a healthy and fun relationship with food that will continue into later years.

Based on that research, SuperValu have launched a new programme for primary schools called Cooking All-Stars. Its aim is to get children into cooking at an early age. The programme is focused on healthy eating and teaches kids the basic cooking skills they need to whip up a few yummy, healthy dishes and to know which nutrients they can get from different foods.

The study also found that 91 percent of parents think it's important for kids to be taught how to cook in school.

We're all about the kids helping out in the kitchen and here are a few of our favourite items that you can pick up to help them along with their learning.

There's more about that at the end but first, here are a few of our favourite children's kitchen items that you can pick up to help in their learning.

1. The Curious Chef knife

This knife is a great beginner's knife. It's save to use while still being sharp enough to cut vegetables. It's suitable for children aged five and up and is dishwasher safe, which is always a bonus.

2. Measuring cups and spoons

Even if you already have these in your house, it's always nice to pick up a fun set that your kids would really enjoy using.

3. Non-slip mixing bowl

Any parent who has experienced the joys of having flour accidentally thrown everywhere will love this new addition to the kitchen. It's a pretty simple concept but one that does wonders for your room and your sanity.

4. Learning tower

This is to help your little ones work at the counter safely. They can stand up high on it and it is much more secure than a chair or stool.

5. Spiralizer

This can be really fun for kids and it's a great way to get them excited about eating veg. The spikes can be a bit sharp so you might need to help get the vegetable on but once it's stuck, the kids are good to go.

The vast majority of parents of primary students are already including their children in cooking, but only in the very basic parts of food preparation. The Cooking All-Stars programme aims to teach kids enough about cooking to be able to properly help their parents with meals and even come up with their own dishes. And with these products for your kids to work with, there'll be no stopping them.

Brought to you by SuperValu.

The Cooking All-Stars programme was carefully designed by a panel of nutritionists, chefs, and teachers to ensure that it is enjoyable for both students and teachers. SuperValu will be sending each participating school a cooking kit and recipe book. Each school will also receive training on how to implement the programme in the classroom. For more information follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.