Love Avocados? Now You Can Buy It In a Spread! 6 years ago

Love Avocados? Now You Can Buy It In a Spread!

Avocados have become the must-have item on almost everyone’s weekly shopping list so it’s not really surprising that a supermarket chain has decided to create a spread form of them.

The Telegraph reports that Tesco in the UK is now selling an Avocado Spread which is mainly made of avocado oil along with rapeseed oil and palm oil.

It is intended as a “healthier” replacement for butter or margarine and seems to be aimed at those who enjoy avocado on toast or bread.

While it is said to contain less saturated fat and salt than normal butter, the general consensus seems to be that it is just like margarine but with a slightly nutty taste.


avocado spread

Dean Rawlinson, the spreads buyer for Tesco, said: “Shoppers can’t get enough of avocados which have become extremely popular on account of their great taste, versatility in food and drinks as well as for their nutritional benefits.

He added: “With this, the UK’s first ever avocado spread, our product developers have created a new and exciting way for shoppers to benefit from the excellent health credentials of avocados in even more ways.”

Speaking of the health benefits of avocados, they are rich in vitamins (including A and D) and monounsaturated fatty acids hence their rise in popularity.


What isn't certain is whether the Avocado Spread is going to be such a success with consumers, some of whom have already taken to Twitter to express their views...