Back to school: 5 clever ways to make healthy after school snacks more fun 9 months ago

Back to school: 5 clever ways to make healthy after school snacks more fun

Coming in from school and creche in the afternoons, my two kids are always ravenous and demand to be fed straight away.

Meaning; I am sometimes still in the hallway, trying to navigate my way through schoolbags and wellies and wet umbrellas when they literally start climbing on the kitchen counters, howling about how hungry they are. (Let's all take a moment to remember that these are the same kids that will have left half of their lunchboxes uneaten only a couple of hours earlier as they were "too full to finish it," but whatever...)

To avoid my famished children starting to dig around for biscuits or request Nutella sandwiches, I have learned that preparation and creativity are key for making sure the afterschool snacks I feed them are all healthy choices.

In need of a little inspiration? Here are some of our current afterschool faveourites:

1. Frozen Yogurt Banana Bites

My kids love these (and think they are getting an actual sweet treat) too!

Note: Sprinkles are optional (but it does make them look so much more like actual sweets!)

(For full recipe and instructions, head over to



2. Use Cookie Cutters For All They Are Worth

Anything, I repeat anything, will taste better when cut into a cute shape. Sandwiches, fruit, potato, you name it, all it needs is a new shape. Or, you know, served inside a cookie cutter even.

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3. Pita Bread Pizzas

Show me a child who doesn't love pizza? It is unhealthy and takes too long as an afterschool snack, I hear you say? Not when you opt for the pita bread variety.

How to

Lay out as many pita breads as you need on a baking tray.

Top with some tomato sauce

Let the kids choose 3-4 toppings each (put out bowls of cherry tomatoes, olives, pineapple, onion, ham, rocket leaves etc.)

Top with some cheese.

Grill in the oven for five minutes, and voila; pizza.

Your kids will love to have their own little DIY pizzas to snack on, and you will love how they are much healthier (and cheaper!) than the store-bought or take-out variety)


4. Frozen Yogurt Covered Fruit Pops

Anything in my house that comes served in ice cream form is a winner, in fairness, but these are actually really, really good!. Oh, and they are good for you too!

(For full instructions on how to make these, head over to


5. Three-ingredient pancakes

Just like all kids love pizza, they also love pancakes. Well, mine do, anyway. Traditional pancakes aren't all that healthy and not something you want to be feeding your children too regularly, but these three-ingredient banana ones are easy, yummy and can be served with a side of yogurt and more delicious berries.

(For full recipe and instructions, head over to Chocolate Covered Katie)



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