5 healthy breakfast options for eating on the go 4 years ago

5 healthy breakfast options for eating on the go

When it comes to our morning routine, we all start off with the best of intentions.

Oh, yes. We promise to be prepped the night before, pre-packing lunches, laying out clothes, organising brekkie for the family. Yet it rarely ever happens.

Mornings are chaos.

You might be lucky enough to grab a morsel before school runs, crèche drop-offs or making bottles. But every nutritionist will tell you it's hands-down the most important meal of the day. Make the effort and it will change your hunger levels during the day, the amount you graze and your blood sugar levels. And we have enough problems keeping our hormone levels in check as it is.

Just do it. Even if it's on-the-go. Here are five healthy morning munching options to eat in a hurry.


Granola and almond butter apple sandwiches
These sandwiches can be whipped up in a heartbeat, and manage to be delicious as well as pack a real punch in the protein stakes. They don't need refrigeration and are super-portable for bus, car or train trips.


Dressed-up yogurt


Remember those plain yogurts you bought under the guise of being healthy, but just haven't managed to eat yet? Pimp them up with a favourite jam, honey or agavé syrup, a sprinkle of toasted almonds, or chopped hazelnuts. Easy peasy.


Travel-worthy smoothies
Invest in a Nutribullet. It will change how you eat breakfast forever. Blitz up a simple smoothie with anything you have in the fruit and veg bowl. They offer a brilliant recipe book. Add some yoghurt, almond milk or avocado to really thicken it up. Pile in the carrots and beetroots to sweeten it up and just a handful of berries and you've got a super-food smoothie you can drink on the way to work or in the car during drop-off time.


Pop Toast

Paying homage to the famous American Pop Tarts, but a nutritious version with no additives and artificial flavours (if you choose the right bread). Take two thin slices of bread, add butter (or coconut oil for a non-fat and more nutritious option), spread your favourite jam in the middle and pop the sandwich in the toaster. Another alternative is almond butter. And on-the-go fave.


Melon and crunchy bran pots
These tasty little bran pots are ready in no time, and you're starting your off with one of your five a day. What's not to love? Chop some melon, top it with yoghurt or try goats or soya yoghurt for a non-dairy option, add some cereal and mixed seeds. Drizzle some agavé syrup over the top.