Is your child lactose intolerant? Here's how to make sure they aren't missing out 3 years ago

Is your child lactose intolerant? Here's how to make sure they aren't missing out

Brought to you by Avonmore Lactose Free milk.

It's not always easy having a kid with a food intolerance.

Lactose intolerance is one of the easier food-related issues to deal with and, with just a few small changes, you should hardly have to think about it.

However, to help make the transition as easy as possible, we're going to give you some information and tips on how to make sure your little one doesn't have to miss out.

First of all, a quick run down on what lactose intolerance is. Lactose is the naturally-occurring sugar found in milk and other milk products. People who are lactose intolerant find it difficult to digest lactose and this can result in some unpleasant symptoms such as cramps, bloating, excess wind and diarrhoea.

It's important to remember that lactose intolerance is not the same as a milk allergy, which occurs when the immune system reacts to the protein in cow's milk and can cause a serious allergic reaction.

Lactose intolerance is relatively easy to manage, except in rare cases when all lactose needs to be removed from the diet. For example, a lot of people can tolerate some hard cheese or certain types of yoghurt because they contain lower levels of lactose, but may find that drinking a full glass of milk can bring on unpleasant symptoms.

With children, you should also remember that often their intolerance may be temporary. For example, when a child has a tummy bug, they may find it difficult to digest lactose for a short time, but this usually resolves itself as the gut heals.

When it comes to what's in the kitchen cupboards and what to cook for dinner, the good news is that many of your staple foods probably don't contain lactose. So for the most part, pastas, juices, fruits and veggies should be okay, but always check the ingredients list on the pack just to be sure.


One of the easier changes you can make to your child's diet is to switch their regular milk to a lactose free version.

Avonmore Lactose Free milk is made with regular cow's milk, so your little one will get all the calcium and other nutritional benefits that come from drinking regular milk. The only difference is that Avonmore has removed the lactose from the milk, making it easier to digest.

You can easily swap Avonmore Lactose Free milk anywhere that you would use regular milk, so in cereal, porridge, milkshakes, hot chocolate or as a delicious glass of milk on its own. It tastes just the same as regular milk so no need to worry if you've picky taste buds in the house!

When it comes to other meals and treats, you can make sure your little ones aren't missing out there either. There are lots of treats that are naturally lactose free (just check the ingredients on the wrapping). Or why not use Avonmore Lactose Free milk as an ingredient in your child's favourite baked treats? Most kids love baking (especially if it involves licking the bowl!), so they'll have plenty of fun and have something delicious to enjoy afterwards.

If you think your child might be lactose intolerant, organise a visit to your GP for a proper diagnosis. Even if they are, though, you'll be surprised at how easy it is to handle.

Brought to you by Avonmore Lactose Free milk

If you or your child loves milk but are lactose intolerant, here's some very good news. Avonmore Lactose Free milk has all the taste and nutritional benefits you would expect from Avonmore, just without the lactose. Yes you can, with Avonmore Lactose Free milk. Avonmore Lactose Free milk is a low fat milk so is recommended for children aged 2+ (as with all low fat milk). Please visit your GP for a proper diagnosis if you think your child might be lactose intolerant.