Any chocoholics in the house? The Cadbury Inventor competition is back to find the next great chocolate bar 1 month ago

Any chocoholics in the house? The Cadbury Inventor competition is back to find the next great chocolate bar

Brought to you by Cadbury

Cadbury Inventor is back.

Are you always mixing together some chocolate concoctions for the kids? (Yes... the kids...) Think you've developed a knack for it? Well now is the time to show off those flavour-mixing skills.

Cadbury just announced the winner of last year's Cadbury Inventor competition, Callum Clogher, who came up with the scrumptious Choca-latte bar. It was the perfect mixture of coffee, cream and crunchiness, and we honestly couldn't get enough of it. (Check out our interview with the man himself here - maybe see what could be in store for you in the months to come!)

Now the competition is back and Cadbury is looking for even more creative and chocolatey ideas to bring to the shelves and tastebuds of people all over Ireland and the UK. Just think how great it would be to have an Irish winner two years in a row - it would just prove to the world that we really do have the best taste in chocolate.


To enter the competition, just head over to the Cadbury Inventor site. They have loadsssss of different flavour options that you can choose from to add to your chocolate bar. You can have up to a maximum of three flavours in your bar so be creative with your mixing and matching. When you're done mixing up your bar, give it a catchy name, and the tell Cadbury why you think your bar is a winner. Then click submit and that's it!

Maybe you love some vanilla with your chocolate, or perhaps you're a chilli chocolate person. Do you want a bit of rice crispy crunch in your bar? Or maybe a bar isn't worth it without some fruity flavour in there?


Think about what you like to eat in real life or what flavours you like to put together. Is there anything that you just LOVE having with your bar of chocolate? Or what flavour do you think is missing from our shelves? Why not get the kids involved and see what flavours they pick?

Nothing is off-limits so get going! Go Madbury for Cadbury and maybe this time next year your chocolate bars could be selling all over the country.

Brought to you by Cadbury