A completely alcohol-free bar is opening up in Dublin next month 4 years ago

A completely alcohol-free bar is opening up in Dublin next month

Still on that dry January buzz?

Well you might want to make it a dry February, dry March, and even dry April, May, June, July with the introduction of a new alcohol-free bar to Dublin city centre.

And yes, that is entirely alcohol free.

Not a drop of anything that'll get you stupid, silly, or seriously regretting your actions and general existence the following morning.

Just a selection of delicious drinks that you can avail of at 2pm or 10pm and still feel decent enough after them.

Sound enough.

The Virgin Mary (yes, that is the name of the bar) will be opening her doors for the first time in February on Dublin's Capel St.

According to The Spirits Business, the bar will sell a selection alcohol-free beers, wines, and house-cocktails that are just as delicious as the ones you'd be sampling elsewhere, probably.


The Virgin Mary comes from the founder and creative director of 1751, Vaughan Yates, and the founder of Great Irish Beverages, Oisín Davis.

Together, the lads hope to create a venue that offers something a bit different from the usual spots that those not drinking tend to find themselves in.

“Dublin is an incredibly diverse city with an increasingly discerning population," said Yates,

"So people are looking for a place where they can sit down with friends and really connect in a lively yet mindful drinking environment.”

Can't wait.