Dublin Cookie Company make special activity packs to stave off cabin fever 2 years ago

Dublin Cookie Company make special activity packs to stave off cabin fever

We'll take the lot.

If there's one thing that most of us have turned to now that we're spending a lot more of our time indoors, it's baking and cooking.

Of course sometimes you don't always have everything you need, and let's face it sometimes it's just nice to get down to the eating with minimal time spent on actual baking.

That's why The Dublin Cookie Company have become my new best friend with their variety of activity cookie kits to keep cabin fever far at bay.

There are four different varieties of pack that you can buy including The Family Night In, the Kids Activity Pack, the Self Isolation Sunshine pack and best of all the Cabin Fever Survival pack (pictured above).

Each pack contains a selection of tasty treats or the ingredients to make them along with beverages such as chocolate milk or their house coffee blend, so something to suit everyone of all ages and tastes.

One thing is for certain, and I say this as some one who has had more than one Dublin Cookie Company cookie, it will all be delicious.


Family Night In

As well as just being a great way to pass the time indoors a pack like this might also make a lovely Mother's Day present.

Prices vary depending on what pack you want to buy with Self Isolation Sunshine only costing €15 for four Signature Cookies, one Double Chocolate Brookie and Coconut Macaroon.

The Kids Activity Pack is priced at €30, while the Family Night In comes in at €40.

The most expensive of the bunch is the Cabin Fever Survival Pack at €50 which contains seven Signature Cookies, four Double Chocolate Brookies, two Ready-to-Bake Cookie Dough and one Bag of Lamotta Coffee.

To get a detailed look at each pack or to order your own you can visit The Dublin Cookie Company website here.