This is by far the worst 'smashed avocado on toast' we have EVER seen 4 years ago

This is by far the worst 'smashed avocado on toast' we have EVER seen

We know images of food and the food itself don't always match up.

But there is a stark difference between these two spotted in a Sainsbury's cafe in the UK. Sharing the image on Twitter, Jennifer Griffiths was not impressed when the food she ordered appeared before her and it was FAR from advertised.

Ordering "smashed avocado served on Taste The Difference sourdough toast", the breakfast bite looks delish and the perfect quite snack before heading to the shops.

As you can see below, for £2, it looks like a tasty bargain. Right? Absolutely.

But it turns out looking less like sourdough and more like two burnt slices from a white loaf with half an avocado absolutely mashed into the bread. Vile.


Since, Sainsburys has apologised saying that the results are pretty "night and day" indeed. They have reported the problem and also given the customer points on her supermarket card for the inconvenience.

Hopefully if they continue to serve avo-toast they will do it like it "says on the tin", us millennials are patriots to the dish you know...