Feeling creative? Whip up some Butler's chocolate apple lollipops, sure 2 months ago

Feeling creative? Whip up some Butler's chocolate apple lollipops, sure

What else would you be doing with your evening?

This whole not-leaving-the-house situation has led to an influx of a lot of things.

Baking is one of them, as thousands of people up and down the country take it upon themselves to whip up some delicious treats they otherwise would have had zero interest in creating.

But if you've been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of recipes out there and need a handy jumping off point to start your quarantine baking career, look no further than the below Butler's chocolate apple lollipops.

Cheap, easy to make, and one of your five a day (maybe) the lollipops are so simple to create that you'd be mad to mess them up. Or pass them up, even.

You will need:

  • 100g Butlers 40% Milk Chocolate Bar, roughly chopped
  • 2 tsp coconut oil
  • 1 large eating apple


1. Place the chocolate and coconut oil in a small heat-proof bowl in the microwave, and heat in short bursts, stirring in between, until it has mostly melted.

2. Stir until the residual heat has melted the mixture and it’s smooth, then set aside to cool.

3. Place a sheet of parchment paper on a flat baking tray or plate. Cut the apple into 4 or 5 thick slices, then skewer each one with a lollipop stick or bamboo skewer.

4. Holding an apple lollipop by the stick, spoon melted chocolate over both sides of the apple slice and gently tap on the side of the bowl to allow the excess chocolate to run off.

5. Place on the sheet of parchment paper, and repeat with the remaining apple lollipops.

6. For optional decorating, drizzle with other Butlers chocolate bars (White Raspberry, White Coconut & Almond, 70% Dark Chocolate, Honeycomb Crisp, etc.) and sprinkle with chopped dried fruits and nuts or colourful sprinkles.

7. Then place in the fridge until set, about 10–20 minutes.

A stunning self isolation treat.