Five places you will not regret trying for brunch in Dublin 2 years ago

Five places you will not regret trying for brunch in Dublin

Ah food.

There is honestly nothing that makes my heart happier. And brunch... well, that just makes me genuinely delirah! Who doesn't love breakfast foods until 4pm with endless prosecco?

And over the years, I have given myself the title of "group food leader" and "restaurant chooser", in the sense that I don't allow any of my friends to ever choose where we are going to eat.

This is because, number one, I fear they will pick somewhere utterly shite and number two, I menu-hunt and Instagram search every restaurant before I even think of sitting foot inside the door, let alone giving them my money.

Well, with the amount of places to choose from these days, if your gonna do brunch, ya may aswell do it right!

Now I could honestly sit here for hours and tell you my top 100 places, but for now, I leave you with five of my faves that provide great service, delicious food and most importantly alcoholic beverages!

A little note before we begin... make sure you book! Weekends in these restaurants get super busy and many don't even take walk-ins due to the fact you'd be standing there for hours. Your legs would honestly give in from waiting especially when your hungover... trust me it is hell! So do yourself a favour and reserve a table!



Their French toast is simply OUT OF THIS WORLD. Plus, the view is fab and the staff are lovely... one of my faves.

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Whitefriar Grill

You can honestly never go wrong with this place. Based in the heart of the city on Aungier Street, it has the ideal location, unreal cocktails and divine huevos rancheros... that I forever order when I visit.


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Next up, a beautiful contemporary space located in Dublin 4, more ideal if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city but still not too far away. This place is the perfect venue for a get together with your girl gang and the most recent restaurant I visited for a birthday brunch where we were treated like KWEENS.

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Roberta's Restaurant


One of the newer contenders on the scene. Roberta's located in Temple Bar brings that New York City vibe and we LOVE it. The food is fab, the setting is ideal for an aul Instagram snap or two and you need to taste everything from their drinks menu. Seriously.

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Coppinger Row

And lastly, a firm favourite located in the centre of town. Their elderflower prosecco is immense and their food makes you savour each and every bite. If your looking for a brunch that pulls out all the stops, it has got to be this one.

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Bon Apetit!