New: These handy grillable S'mores from M&S look delish! 2 years ago

New: These handy grillable S'mores from M&S look delish!

Just pop them on the Barbeque, or stick 'em in the oven.

Barbeque season just got a whole lot tastier, and handier, with these delicious creations lauched today at Marks and Spencer. Gimme S'more Brownies are scrumptious chocolate brownies with a layer of marshmallow, milk chocolate and biscuit pieces. You have our attention, Marks.

We can't go many places with the kids lately, so we're all about bringing the fun home to them. S'mores on the BBQ in the evening after dinner sounds like a good time to us, and easy to organise after a long day at work.

A tasty treat your little 'uns will love, with minimal effort from you? Sold. But they're also a winner for the bigger BBQs we're hoping and wishing and praying we'll have later in the summer.

You'll be far too flat out serving up delicious food from the grill and whipping up countless salads and sides to be thinking about dessert. Simply drop these stress-free bad boys onto the BBQ and, in eight short minutes, you'll have deliciously gooey, chocolately s'mores to serve


According to M&S they are "the ultimate in ooey, gooey chocolate indulgence." We can practically taste them.

The even better news?  The s'mores are included in M&S' 3 for €12 BBQ offer. Now all we need is some sun, but we're happy to crack on with these while we wait.

Proceed directly into my face.