Husband thinks wife is weird for doing something most of us have done 1 year ago

Husband thinks wife is weird for doing something most of us have done

Do you think this is weird?

This husband thinks his wife is weird for doing something that most of us do on a regular basis.

In fact, I do it everyday on my lunch break.

So what is it that she did that shocked him?

She ate alone. I know, what is she like?

The wife in question posted the conversation she had with her husband on Mumsnet and inquired if the other users of the site thought if what she did was odd?

DP- Hey, where are you?

Me - McDonalds

DP - By yourself?!?!?!?!?!

Me - Yes... why?

DP - Why would you not just go through the drive-thru?

Me - Errrrr because I wanted to sit in and eat it

DP - By yourself?!?!?!?!

Me - YES!!!!!!!

DP - That's so weird sitting eating by yourself. Weirdo!


I really don't know how he becomes an adult and has never eaten alone. Does he need someone to come with him everytime he has his lunch or is out in town and starts to get hungry?

Commenters to the post thought the woman's husband was far stranger than she is and I have to agree with them;

"What would he do, sit in the car? Or not eat until he's home?"

"If he doesn’t have the confidence to eat in Macclesfield Ds on his own then he’s the exception to the norm not you!"

I'm absolutely flabbergasted that her husband thinks she's strange for grabbing a quick bite to eat unaccompanied and baffled as to what he thinks she should do if she's hungry and alone?

One thing is for sure there's no way I'm letting a little thing like being on my own stop me from eating when I'm starving.

Personally, I just think he was miffed because he didn't get to go to McDonald's.