KitKat has brought out a crunchy chocolate Santa bar for Christmas 2 months ago

KitKat has brought out a crunchy chocolate Santa bar for Christmas

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Nah, it's a Santa shaped crunchy KitKat bar that just landed right in time for Christmas - and holy Christ, they are tasty.

With the introduction of the festive season comes a whole new array of delicious treats, waiting and ready to be tried by us, the general public.

Already, we've been privy to Percy Pig mince pies, Costa's Chocolate Orange hot chocolate, and the elusive Maltesers Chocolate Orange bunnies. All chocolately, all delicious.

And now, KitKat have jumped on the bandwagon and brought out their own festive treat: a KitKat Santa bar that's equal parts crunchy, equal parts smooth, and equal parts one of the nicest things you're going to put in your mouth this month, probably.

Think the Maltesers bunnies and reindeer, but with more wafer - that's pretty much the suss with these lads.


The new gluten free bar comes as part of a collection with lots of different formats including singles, a mini chocolate Santa sharing bag, and multipacks.

“Irish chocolate fans are always keen to try out different variations of their favourite break, so we hope that this brand new addition will be an exciting treat in the lead up to Christmas this year," says Nestlé.

“We are delighted to introduce another gluten free addition to the KitKat collection - the whole KitKat Santa range is totally suitable for a gluten free and coeliac diet, so we are excited for all KitKat fans to get a chance to try this fun new addition to our growing Christmas product selection.”

The new KitKat Santa bars are available to buy in stores now, so if you fancy getting your crunch on, you know what to do.