Krispy Kreme's latest creation sounds too good to be true 5 years ago

Krispy Kreme's latest creation sounds too good to be true


Doughnut fans are, at this point, probably well aware that Krispy Kreme is coming to Dublin.

The US doughnut chain announced the news earlier this month that it will be opening its first shop in Ireland this year - and we've been counting down to opening day ever since.

And now we're hoping that they'll be adding this dreamy creation to the menu, too.

The company is no stranger to adding new flavours for the holidays, with green doughnuts for St Patrick's Day, Oreo doughnuts for Valentine's Day and gingerbread doughnuts for Christmas.

And for those impending Easter Egg hunts, they've now launched a Reese's Peanut Butter Egg doughnut.

Basically, a dream come true.


Just look at it.

The doughnut features an unglazed shell completely stuffed with a blend of peanut butter "kreme" and dipped in a custom chocolate icing.

And decorated like a festive Easter egg, of course.

Sadly, the doughnut is currently only available in shops in the United States - and for a limited time.

It's unlikely that we'd be seeing the Easter-themed doughnut over in Ireland this year - after all, the Krispy Kreme shop will only be opening in Blanchardstown in October.

But we can always keep our fingers crossed for next year.