Looks like hotel breakfast buffets are no longer viable in this #Covid-19 world 2 years ago

Looks like hotel breakfast buffets are no longer viable in this #Covid-19 world

A moment's silence, please.

Social distancing has stolen many things from us.

The ability to hug our friends, to kiss our loved ones, to stand in sweaty, extortionate clubs waiting to be served by a barman who is blatantly ignoring you because you stopped replying to his Instagram DMs.

You'd miss it, and yet we solider on, eagerly awaiting the day that we can touch each other again, dine out to our heart's content, and go to hotel breakfast buffets and eat until we can't breathe anymore.

If you were looking forward to the latter, join the club. Breakfast buffets are great. However, it looks like they may not be returning to Irish hotels in this post Covid-19 world.

A crying shame. A true blow. We may never recover.

According to Fáilte Ireland's new guidelines for the reopening of hotels across the country, buffet-style eating should be avoided where possible to adhere to appropriate social distancing measures.


"Avoid buffet-style service, where possible," read the guidelines. "If it is required, maintain physical distancing by avoiding queuing systems and staggering guests’ access to the buffet.

"Place clear markings on floor to indicate appropriate physical distancing when queuing. Introduce a one way system around the buffet/carvery is required."

Listen, we'll take a one way system if it means loading a plate with eight sausages and 27 hash browns.

Fáilte Ireland released their industry guidelines this week for hotels, restaurants and bars, visitor attractions, and other members of the tourism sector.

Hotels, B&Bs, restaurants and bars (that serve food) will be permitted to reopen on Phase Three of the reopening on Ireland's economy on June 29.

Appropriate social distancing measures must be implemented by all businesses and staff must be trained in new Covid-19 health and safety procedures.