Apparently, these are going to be the most popular wedding food and drink trends this year 1 year ago

Apparently, these are going to be the most popular wedding food and drink trends this year

We haven't seen much of a change in wedding food in Ireland.

While we will absolutely not say no to a 3 course meal, it can sometimes be a bit boring and mundane. Every wedding you go to is basically the same and there never seems to be any creation around it.

If you're getting married in the near future (congratulations!), and you want to jazz things up a bit then take a look below for some inspiration.

Cocktail hour

We know this is really nothing new and it's been common to have a drinks reception after the ceremony and before dinner, but a big trend this year is to have a personalised cocktail hour.

Black Leaf Events Managing Director Michael Stringer said that couples are now requesting cocktails being made specifically for the bride and groom with a few special elements being added in.

“We’ve had requests to create cocktails themed on the bridal and groom parties, using people's personality traits to create bespoke drinks,” he told Good Housekeeping.

“We’re also seeing fresher ingredients making their way into the wedding bar, such as edible flowers and freshly picked herbs.”


Late night grazing

Again, this is nothing really new and most of the time, come 11 o'clock a few sambos and cocktail sausages will be dished out to tables. However, come 2019, the food will be a lot more sophisticated (kinda) and will add more "style and substance."

Jo and Anthony Robinson from The Kitchen at Primrose Hill Farm, said: “Adding both style and substance, DIY bacon roll stations are hugely popular and, for venues with fire pits, we suggest serving marshmallows for toasting. We have also seen cheese toasties, marvellous macaroon pops, milkshakes and more,” they told Cosmo.

“We personally love a classic cheese and bread station, which can be a wonderfully cost-effective choice for couples opting for a cheese wedding cake.”

Drink stations

We love this idea and think it's great to get people mingling. Charlotte Ricard-Quesada from La Fête says that as well as alcohol carts, hot chocolate stations and craft beer stops will be really popular this year.

“We’ve seen a definite increase in clients requesting hot drinks carts, particularly coffee and hot chocolate, but do consider a gorgeous tea trolley, filled with all kinds of flavours and blends."

Couples are also requesting a station of craft beer that has been sourced locally from their wedding venue, as well as champagne stations. Fancy.