Hack Halloween with these spookily healthy food swaps 7 years ago

Hack Halloween with these spookily healthy food swaps

There's no reason to ditch the diet to have a Halloween howl with your little vampire ankle-biters.

Just swap the sugar-laden sweetie favourites for real food; a little ghoulish deceit goes a long way when it comes to appeasing young taste buds.

And BTW, these are totally cool for adult Halloween parties too:

1. So who's for a homemade burger with scary faces cut out of cheese. Er, we are!


2. How could anyone resist these regurgitated melon guts when they're presented so beautifully? And check out that carefully carved brain! A challenge indeed.


3. Try Natural Confectionery Company creepie crawlies; pre-frozen in ice cubes; served with fresh lemonade. Get in.



4. Spine-chilling sweet treats to scare you into consumption...


5. Base your salad bar on the skeleton of unhealthy meals past.


6. Pop any healthy sauce into these bottles and the kids will be all over it... and vice versa.

Found on s866.photobucket.comHALL1

7. Walnut brains! To make: Walnuts. Food colouring. Soakage. Terrifyingly easy.


8. Who scared the toast?! These lads make a perfect supper sambo. Let the kids add their own fillings.


Got some foodie tricks of your own up your sleeve? Share 'em: karen.forde@herfamily.ie