McDonald's is bringing back the Flake McFlurry and has a new crispy chicken burger addition 2 years ago

McDonald's is bringing back the Flake McFlurry and has a new crispy chicken burger addition

Some delicious news to keep your taste buds excited for the next few weeks.

Food is pretty much the most exciting part of my day, I look forward to each meal like I have never before. When I finish one I'm thinking about the other. It's lockdown so it makes complete sense.

I've definitely started to make more meals at home but some days I love a delicious takeaway, to switch things up. So if you're like me and you also get very excited for your meals then you will be equally as happy to hear about some new additions to the McDonald's menu.

The delicious fast food restaurant has brought back some favourites and also introduced a few new delicious items to get your mouth around this month.

The Grand Big Mac and Grand Big Mac Bacon are both back, landing in restaurants on the 10th of February, that's only a few days away. They will only be available for 6 weeks, so don't waste anytime!


The exclusive additions to the Big Mac options are described as "the same ingredients as a Big Mac, just bigger and better so not only is it satisfying in taste, but also in size! - choose to have yours with or without bacon."

If you want to try something they've never done before then the new Homestyle Crispy Chicken burger will be the one for you, again only available for the six weeks.

A few old favourites that are returning include the mozzarella sticks, yum. And last but not least, "you can get your hands on the fan fave Cadbury Flake McFlurries as they return to the menu."

The restaurants are still closed but McDonald's drive-thru's are open around the country so you can do a drive by and delight your taste buds. Maybe that could be your Valentines Day plans... It's probably going to be mine!