McDonald's are officially trialling a vegan burger 6 months ago

McDonald's are officially trialling a vegan burger

The burgers will be trialed in Ontario, Canada before anywhere else.

More and more people are becoming vegan these days, and it is expected that the number will only continue to grow in years to come.

As a result, a lot of restaurants are now making a more conscious effort to increase the amount of vegan-friendly food on their menu, with McDonald's becoming the latest to do so.

McDonald's have announced that their new PLT burger (plant, lettuce and tomato) is being rolled out in 28 stores in Canada.

And if you're thinking that you wouldn't be willing to get a flight to Ontario just to try a vegan burger, then fear not. The fast-food giants have said that this is only the beginning, and that a worldwide rollout of a vegan-friendly menu is expected.

A spokesperson for McDonald's issued a statement, explaining the logic behind launching the plant-based burger.

It read: "We’re always listening to our customers and we’re always innovating. It’s my team’s lucky job to keep a close watch on food trends in the marketplace and understand what consumers look for when they eat out – whether it be for new flavors, convenience or value.

"For this test, our culinary team created a recipe for a juicy, plant-based burger unique to McDonald’s. The new P.L.T. (which stands for Plant. Lettuce. Tomato.) is delicious and craveable, like the rest of our menu.

"It starts with a plant-based patty, made by McDonald’s, for McDonald’s with Beyond Meat, and it’s dressed with great-tasting classic toppings and served on a warm, toasted bun.

"We think customers will love it and we’re excited to learn as much as we can from this global test. "

The PLT burger will be launched in Canada on Monday, 30 September.