Just when food concoctions are becoming bigger and even more outlandish, and we find ourselves greedier and more glutinous than ever, the miniature donut and Pop Tart land to save us from ourselves.

Brought to us by Caitlyn of foodie lifestyle blog, Public Lives, Secret Recipes this miniature munch is giving us strange new feelings... I don't think food ever made me feel a mixture of hungry and broody before; they're just so freakin' cute.

DON'T follow PLSR on Instagram whatever you do. Okay do, but you were warned.

Prepare to WANT everything on there right NOW.

Here's cuteness personified:

A little, teeny, tiny box of 'shrunkin' donuts'...


The mini donuts can also be enjoyed with milk as an adorable breakfast cereal.



Make the itsy, bitsy treats by simply icing and decorating Cheerios cereal, for full tutorial see here...


If that wasn't cute enough for you, check out the wee, little Pop Tarts...


They're a bit more of a palaver to make but so worth it. Caitlyn, what are you doing to us???

Images via Instagram

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