Mum needs advice on weaning her baby, other mothers think she's 'over-thinking' 1 year ago

Mum needs advice on weaning her baby, other mothers think she's 'over-thinking'

What would your advice be to this mum?

Every first time parent needs a little help and guidance. It's a totally new world and you only want to give your child the best - so it's understandable that a lot of us over-think certain things.

This mum's problem is weaning her 8-month-old child. She took to Mumsnet to ask what the best course of action is.

She explained:

"Maybe I am being over cautious- 8mo is my PFB after all and am terrified of getting the weaning thing wrong!

"But yesterday was the first time I've had him weighed since we started weaning him. All fine - perfect weight gain etc but the HV is telling me that as long as I'm not giving him honey or full nuts, anything goes!

"What about the piri piri smoked fish I had earlier in the week? And should I not make him separate portions of chilli with less spice in? Tonight's dinner is veggie omelette - should I just get over myself and give him some of that? Or carry on giving separate food to us?"

Many mums replied, saying that she was being overly cautious.

One said:

"I think you are overthinking stuff OP, they say give them whatever you are having as it saves making two meals. If you find it easier to make him something desperate that is perfectly fine too."

While another added:

"I just gave them whatever we were having from day 1. Occasionally, I would cook their portion separately if we were having something like madras and it was very hot but mostly, we all just ate together."

What would your advice be?