Mumsnet users horrified by cake shaped like dirty & overflowing diaper 4 years ago

Mumsnet users horrified by cake shaped like dirty & overflowing diaper

Mumsnet users were left horrified by a cake shaped like a dirty and overflowing diaper.

The controversial creation was shared in the Am I Being Unreasonable? section over the website, in a post called “In wondering who the F**K would order this cake?????????’”

One forum user shared the unappetising bake, labelling it “one of the nastiest cakes I’ve seen” - as she asked for other people to share their own “cake fails”.

The post read:

“Now I like a joke as much as the next person.

“I even find those kids toys that poo and fart that are all the rage now marginally funny.

“But this has to be one of the nastiest cakes I've seen! Other cake fails anyone?”

And while plenty of commenters were shocked by the OTT cake, others were happy to share their own encounters with controversial cakes.

One person said:


"I once went to a baby shower where there was a childbirth cake complete with baby's head crowning, fake blood and even a little poo popping out of the icing bumhole!!!"

Another person asked:

“Is it meant to be a play on ‘nappy cake’?

“It's not to my taste, but I imagine there's plenty of similar cakes ordered and eaten.”

The original poster later added some extra detail, commenting that it had first been posted online to advertise a local baker.

They wrote:

"I think it's a s***y nappy cake! Apparently it's mashed Milky Way.

"Some bloke put it on a local Facebook site to advertise his wife's cakes!

"I don't mind the birth ones so much for some reason.

"Or more solid looking poo. I think it's the runnyness that makes me [sick]."

Photo via Mumsnet.