New parents fed their baby ice-cubes every day after misreading advice 2 months ago

New parents fed their baby ice-cubes every day after misreading advice

Two sleep-deprived parents made quite the strange addition to their baby's diet after misreading a poster.

The couple, who shared their story on Reddit, admitted that they had been feeding their baby ice cubes for months until it dawned on them that they had completely read a baby dietary sign wrong.

They explained that the poster used ice cubes as a way to measure portion size, but the parents thought they had to give their baby actual ice cubes.

"For six months it said 'veggies and fruit, smooth texture, two to three ice cubes twice a day'.

"Never heard of the ice cubes thing but it was a reputable company so we just went with it and started feeding our son fruit and veg with a side of ice cubes," they wrote.

The hilarious mix-up came to a halt when their little one got older.

"By seven months it said 'fruit, veg, dairy, eggs, grains and pulses, three to four ice cubes three times a day'.


"I thought, wow, he’s hardly eating the three ice cubes we’re currently giving him, he just pushes them around his high chair a bit and licks them, but whatever, we upped the ice cube portion," the dad added.

It wasn't until his mother-in-law visited and questioned why they were feeding him ice cubes.

"Won’t he get brain freeze?' But we said, 'no, no, it’s a thing now, you have to give them ice cubes'."

"It was only later that night, when I really thought about it, that I realised it meant portion size. All this time in our sleep-deprived stupor we have been serving our baby son ice cubes every day."

It's safe to say every sleep-deprived parent has been there!