The non-alcoholic cocktails at FIRE are divine and ideal for your baby shower 3 years ago

The non-alcoholic cocktails at FIRE are divine and ideal for your baby shower

There's always time for a cocktail!

If you're a mum-to-be or planning a baby shower for an expectant mum, FIRE is the place for you.

With everything for delicious sharing platters, both sweet and savoury, alongside their amazing selection of non-alcoholic cocktails, they have everything you could need and then some.

Over the weekend I stopped by FIRE for lunch. It was my first time eating at FIRE but I had heard great things about it from my foodie friends so I was very excited to try out their new summer menu.

Sitting out on their balcony and basking in the summer sun (got to take advantage while it lasts) I decided that I would treat myself to a cocktail.

While browsing their drinks menu I spotted that they had an entire section dedicated to their non-alcoholic drinks and I was really impressed with their selection.


I remember during both my pregnancies being bored to tears every time I visited a nice restaurant because all I could order was water. Fizzy drinks upset my morning sickness so it left me extremely limited in my options.

On one occasion I ate at a restaurant that said they could fix me up a non-alcoholic fruit cocktail and I was absolutely delighted with myself. If I had known about the variety available at FIRE they never would have gotten rid of me.

It was an issue that came up again when I was organising a friend's baby shower as I didn't want her stuck sipping on a glass of water the entire time. Considering FIRE also do a fantastic range of food, including sharing options perfect for parties, I can't think of anywhere better for a baby shower.

Being situated beside the Mansion House might lead you to believe that FIRE is only for celebrities, but it's actually incredibly family friendly and several communion dinners were being held downstairs at the restaurant during my visit.

Of course, given that the weather is behaving itself at the moment, we all want to be out on their fabulous floral themed balcony overlooking the fountain and gardens below.

FIRE is open seven days a week and you can make bookings by emailing