Nutritious and delicious! Marks & Spencer’s new summer range is made with EVERYONE in mind 3 years ago

Nutritious and delicious! Marks & Spencer’s new summer range is made with EVERYONE in mind

Brought to you by M&S Ireland

Literally. There's something for everyone in the family.

We adore dinner time, but let's be honest — picky little eaters don't grant us the easiest of times at the table.

However, there's cause to feel more positive about dinner time, not just because of the marvellous weather (and therefore greater appetites!) but because Marks & Spencer have managed to put together an entire food range that's perfect for sunny season. Each and every tastebud — including yours, mum and dad — won't know what hit it.

So, the next time you're whipping out the barbie and inviting a few friends over to enjoy a meal with the entire family (and plenty of little ones) — ensure you've taken a peek at the fantastic range.

To start, M&S has created its very own Bao Buns (€2.90). (NOM.) Pop them into the microwave and fill with your favourite veggies, mushrooms, pickles, peanuts, herbs, pork, aromatic duck, teriyaki beef — the list is endless.

Then, bound to appeal to the kids, are the various Meat'zzas. Try out the Margherita Meat'zza (with basil, mozzarella and marinated tomato) and the Spicy Pepperoni Meat'zza (pepperoni with lashings of mozzarella and fiery jalapeño) — both (priced at €6.40) are included in the current M&S 3 for €12 Grill range. They're gluten-free, suitable for freezing and they go beautifully with a salad. (Another way to sneak in the veggies!)


This summer M&S has even created its very own hotdogs — meaty ones and vegan ones! The 12 Chilli Cheese Posh Puppies are made with red jalapenos and mature cheddar cheese while the Six Caramelised Onion Posh Dogs are made with American-style mustard. As for the No Pork Sausages — the super succulent Cumberland-style soy sausages are seasoned with black pepper and herbs, tasting absolutely delicious.

The M&S Our Best Ever Burgers with cheese will be a fabulous addition to any meal too. Last year M&S' best-selling burger EVER was the Our Best Ever Burger! Now, looking to set records again, they've created the ultimate version and it's topped with 'soon-to-be melting cheese'. At €5.80 (340g) it's also included in the 3 for €12 Grill range. Dig in!

Now, if you've been having trouble getting those essential veggies into the kids at dinner time it's entirely worth nabbing the all-new Deli-Inspired Salads (€4.70) at M&S. The nine unique combinations take inspiration from cuisines around the world, there are some that burst with flavour and others that give a more delicate, delicious taste. Expect both roast and fresh veg, grains, nuts, toasted seeds, plus marinades and dressings to compliment each.

Now, to send out the invites and enjoy an all-round fun and delicious BBQ!

Brought to you by M&S Ireland. This isn’t just any summer, it’s an M&S summer.

The M&S summer food offering from Marks & Spencer is available from all M&S food halls in Ireland. This year, Marks & Spencer is celebrating 40 years in Ireland and has everything you need to throw the ultimate BBQ. With 18 stores across the country, their summer has everything from Meatzzas to Houmous Swirls, Layered Tex Mex Dip, and the Best Ever Quiche. This isn't just any summer, it’s an M&S summer.