Orange wine is the latest alcohol trend and we're very intrigued 5 years ago

Orange wine is the latest alcohol trend and we're very intrigued

Red or white?

The question that's divided families, friends, and could-have-been romances for centuries.

Then rosé came along and became everybody's favourite wine-based beverage of choice. Those fruity strawberry and cherry flavours were just too good for us to resist.

That's why when we heard about orange wine, we were very intrigued.

And no, it's not made from oranges.

According to the guys over at the Orange Wine Festival, the drink is made when white grapes are left in contact with their skins for longer than they usually are with white wine.

The longer time means that the colour of the wine becomes a gold or amber as opposed to the regular white.


The flavour is also affected, creating a taste that is "typically tannic, with the primary aroma of grapes, but also fresh fruits, with exposed herbal notes."

Sounds alright.

Orange wine

Although orange wine has only started gaining popularity recently, it's actually made from an ancient technique that's been around for a while.

You won't be able to pick yourself up some orange wine from Lidl just yet, but there are a select number of off licenses around the country that have been selling the stuff for a few years now.

Given the chance, we'd definitely give it a go.