Recreate afternoon tea at home with these delicious Mini Yogurt Scones 2 years ago

Recreate afternoon tea at home with these delicious Mini Yogurt Scones

Absolutely divine.

I'm a big fan of afternoon tea, but of course I can't go out for treats like that at the moment.

But I got to thinking, if I can't go to afternoon tea, maybe I can bring afternoon tea to me.

So I went on the hunt for a great scone recipe that I could make with the kids and what could be better for a it of family baking than mini scones!

Perfect for dainty afternoon teas but also perfect for little hands, no one in the family will be able to resist these delicious Mini Yogurt Scones.

Ingredients wise you will need;

• 400g self raising flour
• 1 level tsp salt
• 50g cold butter
• 100g Glenisk Greek Style Natural yogurt
• 1 egg
• 50mls of milk
• 50g sugar – optional



Pre heat oven to 190°C or gas mark 5.

Stir the flour and salt together, then using a grater with large holes dip the butter into the flour and grate it into the bowl – keep dipping and grating to stop the butter sticking to the grater. You can rub the butter into the flour either, but grating is easier.

Add sugar if using and stir well to mix the sugar and little bits of butter thoroughly into the flour.

Mix Glenisk Greek Style Natural Yogurt, milk, and egg together and stir into the flour mixture, you may need a little more milk - you want the dough to mix together quickly and not be dry. Slightly sticky is ok but not too wet. Most importantly do not over-handle it or knead.

Sprinkle some flour onto a countertop and gently just pat out the dough until about 1-2 inches thick. Do not make it flat and thin as scones won't rise much.

Cut out using an upturned small glass or pastry cutter dipping into flour each time to stop them getting stuck.

Lay out on a baking sheet and put in the middle shelf of a preheated oven for 14-16 minutes.
When cooked they will be deep golden and when you check the underside, they will be about the same colour also.

Serve warm with a dollop of Glenisk Crème Fraiche and jam or lemon curd.