A Ripe Avocado In Just 10 Minutes Flat? This Hack Will Blow Your Mind 7 years ago

A Ripe Avocado In Just 10 Minutes Flat? This Hack Will Blow Your Mind

If you are as obsessed with avocados as we are over here at HerFamily HQ, this tip might just change your whole goddamn life.

You know how avocados, delicious as they may be, are notoriously tricky to get just right? I mean; you buy a pack when you do the weekly shop, then you wait and wait and wait for them to ripen so you can eat one (and then when they do, of course, you have about four minutes to actually eat then before they go off!).

Anyway, if you can relate to this, then we are here to tell you your struggles are over thanks to the clever folks at Purewow.

Are you ready?

Here is an absolute foolproof trick to making avocados soft and creamy in minutes:


What you need: A baking sheet, tinfoil and that hard-as-a-rock avocado

What you do: Wrap the whole fruit in tinfoil and set it on the baking sheet. Pop it in the oven at 95°C for ten minutes, or until the avocado is soft (depending on how hard it is, it could take up to an hour to soften). Remove it from the oven, then put your soft, ripe avocado into the fridge until it cools.

Why this works: Avocados produce ethylene gas, which is typically released slowly, causing the fruit to ripen. But as the avocado bakes in tinfoil, the gas surrounds it, putting the ripening process into hyperdrive.

How about that?! Avocado toasties for all!