Runny eggs are OK for pregnant women, says UK food watchdog 4 years ago

Runny eggs are OK for pregnant women, says UK food watchdog

Fond of poached eggs? Good news - you may not have to give them up during pregnancy anymore, according to one UK authority.

Pregnant women, older people and babies can eat runny or even raw eggs, the UK food watchdog has said.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has said that eggs produced under the British Lion code of practice are fine, given new high standards in food production.

At-risk groups, including expectant mums, had previously been warned that only fully-cooked eggs were safe to eat due to the potential for food-poisoning due to salmonella.

But measures such as best-before stamping on eggs, vaccinating hens and better testing and hygiene have seen a dramatic decrease in the level of salmonella in eggs.

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"It’s good news that now even vulnerable groups can safely eat UK eggs without needing to hard-boil them, so long as they bear the British Lion mark," said FSA chairwoman Heather Hancock.

"The FSA has thoroughly reviewed the scientific evidence about the safety of these eggs, and we’re confident that we can now change our advice to consumers."

In Ireland, the HSE still advises that anyone expecting a baby avoids "raw or partially cooked eggs or food that may contain them, such as mayonnaise."

If you're pregnant and dreaming of a runny boiled egg, make sure you chat to your doctor before indulging.