This strawberry cucumber infused gin is the stuff of cocktail dreams 1 year ago

This strawberry cucumber infused gin is the stuff of cocktail dreams

Heading out tonight?

Cool, chances are you're probably having pre-drinks somewhere then too.

Or, if you've got a load of money and don't need to pre-drink before events because you can afford to spend at least €8 per drink in town, chance are you're not.

Whatever your plans are though, you'd do well to have them include a strawberry and cucumber infused gin.

Because why not, like? It's been a long week. You deserve the best.

All you'll need to create this delicious little number yourself is a bottle of your favourite gin, a punnet of sliced strawberries, a finely sliced cucumber, and some caster sugar.

Oh, and about a week for the gin to infuse with the fruit.

What? We didn't say this would be a quick process.

Aldi has recently started selling their first crop of Irish strawberries of the year too.

They've got them from Dublin's McGuinness Brothers and have said they expect to sell over 800 tonnes of them this summer alone so, like, fair play.

To make this gin infusion, all you need to do is:

Slice up all your fruit nice and small and throw it in a large Kilner jar.

Then, add your gin, add about 80g of caster sugar, stir well, and leave your mix to cool in the fridge.

Give it a stir every couple of days and after about a week, you'll have stunning strawberry and cucumber infused gin.

(Feel free to leave the gin to infuse longer if you want a more intense flavour, but about a week should do it.)

Serve over ice with a splash of tonic, add some more strawberries and a spiral of cucumber and you're good to go for the night.