The SIX simple things you need to do to create the perfect poached eggs 5 years ago

The SIX simple things you need to do to create the perfect poached eggs

Poached eggs: so very delicious when they're good... so dreadful when they're bad.

That they're high in protein (which will keep you full) as well as full of vitamins D, B vitamins, and iron is a nice added bonus.

Of course, just about everyone has their own special hack for creating the perfect poached eggs - a splash of vinegar being a particularly popular choice.

Here at Her, we also recently told you all about top-notch microwave poached eggs - ideal if you're on the go (you can make it at home or in the office in a matter of minutes).

And now the esteemed Good Housekeeping Institute Cookery School's head chef Cher Loh has revealed his own fail-safe method.

Good news too if you're a fan of the vinegar trick - that gets Mr Loh's seal-of-approval: he reckons a splash helps to coagulate the eggs.

Otherwise, here's what he recommends:


1. Use cold eggs that are as fresh as possible - the whites are less prone to separating if the egg is fresh.

2. Use a deep saucepan and make sure the water is barely simmering, otherwise the bubbles will upset the structure of your egg.

3. Use a splash of vinegar to coagulate the eggs.

4. Crack your eggs into the water using a sieve; a very fine small sieve then immediately lowered into the water will remove any excess, stringy whites.

5. Don't stick to a time but remove eggs when the egg whites are opaque but still wobbly (every saucepan is different and different eggs will cook in different ways).

6. Put them straight onto a paper towel.

Let us know if you give this technique a go and how you get on!