SuperValu's meal deal for two includes a bottle of prosecco for just €15 3 years ago

SuperValu's meal deal for two includes a bottle of prosecco for just €15

Valentine's Day is just around the corner.

And if you're planning to spend the night relaxing with your loved one, then this sweet, sweet deal will take away the stress and worry of having to cook (not that this ever really applies to us).

But anyways, SuperValu has created the ultimate package for two which includes one main, two sides AND a bottle of prosecco for just €15.

You can choose from one the following SuperValu Signature Tastes range, choosing your main and sides from this extensive list plus a 75cl bottle of Grifòn Prosecco Frizzante.


Signature Tastes Lamb Tagine 500g
Signature Tastes Beef Brisket 500g
Signature Tastes Chicken Madeira 500g
Signature Tastes Chicken Provencal 500g
Signature Tastes Butter Chicken Masala 500g
Signature Tastes Beef Stroganoff 500g
Signature Tastes Cauliflower and Chickpea Dhal 500g



Signature Tastes Potato Gratin 400g
Signature Tastes Potato Mash 400g
Signature Tastes Pilau Rice 370g
Signature Tastes Root Veg with Honey & Balsamic Dressing 300g
Signature Tastes Green Vegetable Medley 240g
Signature Tastes Pommes Parisienne 300g

Fancy a lil' dessert? And no, we're not talking about your significant other. We're on about SuperValu's range of Valentine's Day cupcakes and queen cakes, available in-store and starting from just €2.50 for six.

We're truly spoilt rotten and rightly so.