Terry's is launching white chocolate mini eggs for Easter 2 years ago

Terry's is launching white chocolate mini eggs for Easter

2021 is already looking up.

Most years when people say it feels like Easter was only yesterday it's just a saying but this year it feels a bit like deja vu given that we're in lockdown again.

While this year has not started out in the most positive way there is light at the end of the tunnel, and it's chocolate.

One of our favourite brands, Terry's Chocolate Orange has just launched white chocolate mini eggs in the run up to Easter and we're going to need a whole shelf of them!

The release of the new white chocolate mini eggs comes one year after Terry's launched their first range of mini eggs.

Terry's also brought back their full size white chocolate orange in August of last year.



While Terry's themselves has not posted on their official social media (they last posted just before Christmas) about the white chocolate mini eggs yet, they were spotted in Tesco recently so were expecting they'll make an announcement any day now.

As for me, I love anything Terry's Chocolate Orange and I am definitely going to be keeping an eye out in my local Tesco the next time that I'm in.

Have you spotted the new white mini eggs? Let's us know in the comments if you have!