The Top 5 Most-Read Gin Stories (And Recipes) Of 2016 6 years ago

The Top 5 Most-Read Gin Stories (And Recipes) Of 2016

Let me ask you a ginuine questgin. What's your favourite tipple? Nevermind, the HerFamily Team already know the answer!

Here are our top five most ginteresting (ok I'll stop now I promise) stories of 2016:

5. The Gin And Tonic Slushie 

Fancy cocktail inside a night club

This year, the June Bank Holiday weekend saw temperatures rising and the arrival of the best slushie on earth. With over two thousand shares, our über-gin-and-ice story comes in at number five.

4. The Gin Hotel

Gin Hotel

Coming in at number four in our countdown, news that a gin hotel called The Distillery would open its doors at 186 Portobello Road (in London's Notting Hill neighbourhood) delighted our readers. With over three and a half thousand of you sharing this story, the three-guest-room boutique property must have had a mile-long queue.

3. Gin And Tonic Macarons


gin macarons

Filling the number three spot - and our tummies - it's the delicious gin and tonic macarons. Over eight thousand of you shared this delightful recipe and walked around with gin crumbs all over your jumpers. Mmmmm gin crumbs...

2. Gin And Tonic Cupcakes

Gin Cupcakes

Missing out on the top spot but still holding a special place in our hearts, it's gin and tonic cupcakes. Almost ten and a half thousand of our readers shared these boozy baked buns with the other gin-lovers in their lives.

1. Gin And Tonic Popsicles

gin popsicles

Here it is, our top gin story of 2016. What better way to polish off a nutritious meal of gin and tonic macarons and cupcakes than with a cool refreshing gin and tonic popsicle? You guys agreed and nearly broke the internet with this one with an absolutely whopping 138.1k shares!


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