There's A Very Good Reason We Love Gin & Tonic So Much 7 years ago

There's A Very Good Reason We Love Gin & Tonic So Much

Is it the clink of the ice after a long week? Is it the fizz of the bubbles; the citrus blast of fresh lemon? Turns out, when it comes to the reason we adore the classic gin and tonic so much, it's not what you'd think. In fact, there's a very scientific explanation for our obsession with the G&T. 

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First, some history: From the 1600s until the 1940s, quinine (the thing that gives tonic water its unique flavour) was used to treat malaria. The British living in India quickly realised that, if they had to drink it, it was much tastier mixed with gin and the G&T was born.

Many years later, American University chemistry professor Matthew Hartings noticed that, while he didn't like the taste of gin or tonic water individually, he was quite partial to the two liquids mixed together. On further investigation he found that something quite interesting was happening at a molecular level.

Writing on his blog, Hartings explains:

"When gin and tonic are mixed, quinine and the flavor molecules from the juniper berries combine to make a perceived flavor that is different than just the sum of the individual parts. The molecules from the gin and the tonic can do this because they look alike; the molecules are similar."


So combined, gin and tonic really do make a magical cocktail. Cheers!

Hat tip to Quartz