These Adorable Donut Rainbows Are A Cinch To Make 7 years ago

These Adorable Donut Rainbows Are A Cinch To Make

Kids party on the horizon? Listen up. The under-twelves have moved on from cupcakes.

Yep, these days every dedicated little sugar fiend worth their cavities and mood swings is craving donuts, in ever wilder and wackier flavours and combinations.

Luckily, it's an easy trend to work into a party menu. These rainbow donuts by Brit & Co. look as impressive as they taste... just try keeping them away from the grown-ups.

– donuts
– sprinkles in rainbow colours
– icing sugar
– shredded coconut



1. Cut your donuts in half.

2. Mix up icing sugar to desired consistency and dip the halves into the icing.


3. Starting with your pink sprinkles, line the outside edge of the donut.

4. Continue to add sprinkles for each different color of the rainbow until the whole donut is covered.

5. Add a little more icing to the top of the donut ends and place a ball of shredded coconut on top for the clouds.

Images and recipe: Brit & Co